I am passionate about helping others succeed and I would love to help you become a business owner!  I have tripled my business in the 5 years since I started.  It was a learning process of many ups and downs, but it helped me learn this business!  I will share with you my secrets to a successful cleaning business with one on one training that will guarantee your success if you are willing to put in the work!

Most Cleaning Franchises have high start up fees and monthly percentages of your income.  But if you would like to buy into a Simply Clean Franchise, we have 2 different packages that will fit your budget and can help anyone start a new business without all of the start up hassles.  We are already an established company with a wonderful reputation of great work ethic, detailed cleaning, dependability, and lower than most cleaning rates. I will walk you though each and every step and will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

The best thing about starting your own franchise??  You can do it out of your home or rent your own space.  It is so flexible and the overhead in a cleaning business is very low.  You can't go wrong, so what are you waiting for?  Contact us today to become one step closer to fulfilling your business ownership dreams!!

Owning a franchise comes with ongoing support that almost guarantees first year success.  Although you are not working within your own entrepreneurial vision; you have full support from your franchise community, brand recognition and marketing utensils, training that has been proven to successfully educate employees about customer service, and access to the equipment needed to maintain a successful business.

4 advantages of purchasing a franchise over a start-up business are listed below:

Training Program:

Training is paramount to franchisors. It ensures uniformity and consistency amongst all franchisees.
As an independent business owner, it is up to you to establish a training system that educates your employees and enables them to handle any situation that comes their way.
Franchise owners receive training materials that prevent accidents and unfortunate situations whereas a small business owner you learn how to operate through mistakes and discovered successes.

Brand Establishment

As an independent business operator, brand establishment is going to be difficult when you are buying into a new franchise model with no successful proven marketing plan or fan base.
By purchasing a franchise, you are exposed to a brand that is established and hopefully already has the trust of its customers.

Successful Advertisement model

Parent companies constantly provide franchisees with marketing materials and strategic plans that run system-wide advertisements and promotions.
It is up to independent business owners to establish stable ongoing marketing materials that build customer loyalty and sales.

Higher Success rate

Franchises usually survive their first five years and maintain high percent growth rates. However, it’s a gamble when it comes to independent business owners